The VI Ibero-American Congress of Social Intervention (VI CIAIS) and Pre-World Pre-Congress of the X World Congress on Children and Youth intend to discuss relevant issues for the promotion of the Rights of Children and Young People around the world. Thus, the congress seeks to raise awareness among all authors and observers of the following UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

SDG 1 - Poverty eradication: discussing strategies to reduce socio-economic inequalities affecting children and youth across the world;

SDG 3 - Health and well-being: addressing issues related to physical and mental health, as well as quality of life for children and adolescents;

SDG 4 - Quality Education: discussing training policies and practices that promote the integrated development of children and young people;

SDG 5 - Gender equality: addressing issues related to gender equality and the promotion of trans and LGBTI juvenile rights

SDG 8 - Dignified work and economic growth: discussing strategies to reduce social and economic disparities that affect children and youth to a dignifying work agenda

SDG 10 - Reducing gaps: discussing strategies to reduce social and economic imbalances affecting children and the youth around the world

SDG 16 - Peace, justice and efficient institutions: issues related to promoting social justice and peace and the promotion of human Rights of children and adolescents

SDG 17 - Partnerships and means of implementation: encouraging collaboration and dialogue among different social actors and countries to achieve the promotion/defence of the Rights of Children and Young People globally.

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